Sönne Kienle

Sönne Kienle

The stereotype of a gifted person – a (most often male) genius who stands out unmistakably because of his extraordinary capabilities – still shapes our understanding of giftedness and, unfortunately, prevents us from supporting all those highly intelligent children who do not fit into this cliché. We miss especially the well-adapted, diligent students.

This is how it was for me: I only found out about my giftedness when I was already attending university, because I had signed myself up for an IQ-test by Mensa in Deutschland e.V. Since then, I’ve been learning about giftedness. Especially since I began working as a teacher, I’ve been addressing giftedness for professional reasons. As a licensed giftedness pedagogue (IFLW), I have acquired extensive knowledge, which I continuously enrich through practical my experiences as a high school teacher, as well as my volunteer work (currently chairperson) at the university network of highly gifted students (MinD-Hochschul-Netzwerk) where I am in touch with many, very diverse gifted individuals all the time.

In my opinion, teachers play a key role when it comes to supporting and guiding gifted children and teenagers appropriately. It is my goal to support my colleagues in this important task and to relieve some of their concerns by providing praxis-oriented background information and tools.

Curriculum vitae

Degrees and Certifications

  • First and Second State Examination in English and History for the teaching position at advanced high schools
  • Additional qualification for bilingual teaching in history
  • Additional qualification for teaching German as a foreign language
  • Certified giftedness pedagogue (IFLW)
  • Professional exam after participating in the distance university course “Giftedness in theory and practice” at the Institute for Integrative Learning Therapy and Advanced Training
  • Alumna of the German National Academic Foundation

Practical Experience

  • since 2016 English and History teacher at an integrative high school in Mannheim
  • 2015-2016 Teacher trainee for teaching at an advanced high school (Baden-Wuerttemberg), training at the seminary Weingarten and at a high school
  • with bilingual classes in Ulm
  • since 2012 Speaker on various topics for the university network of gifted students (MHN)
  • since 2012 Volunteering commitment at the MHN in organizational (planning numerous seminars and conferences) and strategic (chairperson until 12/2018) areas
  • 2014 Lecturer for German as a foreign language as well as English at the International Study Site, University of Heidelberg
  • 2011-2014 Tutor and student academic advisor at the Seminary of English Studies, University of Heidelberg
  • 2010/2011 Foreign language assistant at two community colleges with inclusive education in a socially disadvantaged neighborhood in Leicester, UK
  • 2006-2014 Extracurricular youth work
  • Goethe Institute (youth program)
  • Haus am Maiberg (European youth encounters, workshop on right-wing extremism and discrimination)
  • Group leadership training for international groups (IJGD)
  • and more…