Giftedness: Challenges and solutions beyond the norm. 

Gifted people are by definition outside any norm. 
They show particularities not only in the intellectual area, but also with respect to their sensibility and emotionality. Because of this, they do not fit in the system, which leads to inner and outer pressure. There are risks of mobbing, academic failure (in the both senses of the word!), professional development as well as psychological difficulties, including suicidality. 

In this seminar for therapists and coaches, we will make tangible the challenges of gifted people and their families without prejudice and stereotypes. A profound therapy and counselling concept for the work with gifted people that includes practical tips on how to build rapport and design sessions as well as helpful therapeutic strategies and methods will be taught.
Since gifted people are misdiagnosed to such an extent that the APA issued a warning against premature diagnosis, we will raise awareness regarding potential misdiagnoses and dual diagnoses and give you some insights into differential diagnostics.
You will also be provided with realistic and praxis-proven, systemic solutions for gifted people’s difficulties within the school system as well as their personal and professional challenges in later life. Advice for everyday problems, such as high sensitivity, issues regulating emotions, lack of learning and self-management strategies, instable sense of self-worth, the impostor syndrome as well as social difficulties such as mobbing and small talk, are also part of the seminar.

The seminar takes one, two or three days. It is often accredited by the respective hosts.
Once you participated in a seminar of at least two days, you are legible to become part of the list of therapists and coaches.

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