Giftedness at school: Challenges and solutions beyond the norm.

Working with gifted children is often perceived as exhausting and time-consuming. Their social integration as well as interacting with parents can create further difficulties.

Our presentations and seminars will help you gain safety and ease when dealing with giftedness. We will not only provide basic information, but also realistic, constructive and practice-proven solutions and materials for your everyday pedagogic work.

Potential contents:

  • How do I recognize gifted students?
  • Which traits and behaviors are associated with giftedness?
  • What is going on inside of my gifted student?
  • How can I support gifted students intellectually and socially?
  • How do I create a support plan?
  • How do I successfully design parent-teacher interactions?
  • How do I keep the additional time effort for those tasks at a minimum?

This seminar was developed by two teachers and a licensed psychotherapist with a lot of experience in this area. 
We offer this content in impulse presentations (60-90 minutes), workshops (two-three hours), or a seminar (one or two days).

You have the following options: 

We will prepare an offer with the content and timeframe tailored to your wishes and needs. You are welcome to contact us.

Furthermore, we offer a two-day seminar, in which all topics mentioned above are taught in detail and where you have the opportunity to ask your questions. At the end of the seminar, you will be able to better identify and understand highly gifted students and have practiced creating an individual support plan. In addition, you will be familiar with helpful teaching methods and have gained confidence in parent-teacher interactions.

This seminar is accredited through the Teaching Staff Academy of Hesse.



Upcoming Dates (Germany):

Date: January 27-28, 2020
Location: Giessen
Price: 360,00€
Bookable through: Please use the  registration form or send me an email.


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