Giftedness cannot be clearly identified at a very young age. Rather, there are first signs that often provoke many questions in parents and educators. 

  • What are the indicators of giftedness in young children?
  • Should or must the child be supported?
  • In which areas and how?
  • When is something too much for the child?
  • How can children be supported in a way that allows them to remain children?
  • How do you bridge the discrepancy between emotional and cognitive development?
  • What are good ways to react to a child’s high sensitivity, changes in attentiveness, or intense emotions?
  • How do you best prepare your child for school and later life?
  • Is it advisable to anticipate school material, e.g. have the child learn reading and writing?
  • How can you best consult parents?
  • How do you address parents that want to turn their child into a gifted, or high performing, individual?

This seminar was developed in corporation with a licensed psychotherapist and a kindergarten teacher who, apart from her job at the kindergarten, offers extracurricular research groups for kindergarten and grammar schools.
We offer three different formats to share this content: an impulse presentation (60-90 min), a workshop (2-3 hours), or a seminar (one or two days).
We’re glad to focus on topics according to your needs and desires.

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