If you are looking for a scholarship for your visit/ student exchange to Germany, I recommend checking the scholarship database of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, or search in your native country for possibilities. In Germany, there are more than 2000 different support networks. The following links will lead you to the respective websites with relevant information.

A good database for your scholarship search (search by subject/ university etc.):

Note that many scholarship donors actually look for gifted students, whether this is explicitly mentioned or not. However, determining factors are not only the IQ, but much rather performance (readiness), social engagement of any kind and openness.

For gifted students with a less academic background there’s still a perceived inhibition threshold when it comes to applying for scholarships. This is why the initiative “Arbeiterkind” (worker’s child) has collected basic information about scholarships to bring some light into the darkness and take away the fear of applying:

The Selicko foundation explicitly supports gifted students from financially disadvantaged households, namely “children and teenagers (…), who hold special talent in the areas of science and engineering, or arts and culture”. 


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