I warmly invite all professionals to register for the mailing list “giftedness network” for the purpose of supporting each other and sharing ideas. This mailing list is meant for those who are confronted with giftedness in a professional context, for example therapists, coaches, teachers, educators, scientists... You can receive support for your research, exchange expertise, request and share experiences, create connections etc.

For the moment, the exchange on this mailing list is primarily in German. If you wish to register and write in English, however, I am sure you will receive many answers.

To make the exchange through this mailing list as effective and fruitful as possible, I would ask all participants to consider the following:

1. This mailing list is meant only for questions related to giftedness

2. Please formulate a precise title for your email

3. Consider whether your email/reply concerns many participants, so as to send it to the complete list, or whether it would be more sensible to contact one person directly. (For example: If somebody was looking for a vacation replacement and you are able to jump in, please answer directly to the sender, instead of the complete list.)

4. Make sure to sufficiently anonymize case reports etc.

5. If you have questions or are unsatisfied with something, please get in touch with me directly. I am responsible for this list and will address the issue carefully.

If you’d like to become part of this list, please use the contact form below and send me a short description of you as well as your experiences and activities related to giftedness. You will be introduced to the group with this text. 

I would be glad to hearing from you!


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