Sensible and frequent content in gifted groups can be found under the icon Principles of supporting Giftedness.

My concept for gifted groups in based on my Therapy and counselling concept ideas:

If problems arise, let the group search for solutions (for example, if the group cannot agree, if participants haven’t implemented some things, information is missing, a topic turns out to be too difficult or boring etc.). This is how gifted people get enough freedom and a place to learn. They make use of their resources and work things out themselves. Most of the time, this leads to great, creative insights and solutions.

As the supervisor, you actually have only two tasks:

  1. Reflect on the process with the participants regularly and at important stages (e.g. success and its creation, difficulties, social phenomena). This will enable them to bring their topics to a meta-perspective and discuss and work on those based on their experience.
  2. Make sure that things are sufficiently and consistently put into practice (if they are not: reflect with the group).

In my experience, these groups are very effective and stimulating, generate a lot of fun and, since the content is produced by the participants themselves, require very little time resources compared to other groups.

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