Katja Rischmann

Katja Rischmann

“Gifted? That’s so not me! Gifted are the others: Those that receive the Nobel Price, finish High School with a perfect GPA, or master life easily.” These are the kind of statements I hear over and over again, from students or their parents, when I mention giftedness. It was similar for me. I attributed my academic and professional success to fortunate circumstances, diligence and persistence. I then took the IQ-test out of curiosity and when I received my results, I had to change my thinking.

I would like to facilitate this change in thinking in others as well, so that as many gifted people as possible become aware of their potential and hence get the chance to use it. To have a theoretical basis, I studied and earned the ECHA certification (Specialist in Gifted Education) and put in practice first concepts of supporting giftedness. As a trained mBET-practitioner, I have a useful tool at hand to design fruitful counseling sessions. In my professional environment, I have been able to collect many experiences in guiding gifted people either in the classroom, or one-on-one counseling sessions. I benefit from engaged contact to other gifted people through the Society of the Intellectually Gifted in Germany, Mensa e.V. as well as through my personal environment.

I would like to share my knowledge about gifted people and how to support them sensitively and purposefully with other pedagogues that are eager to perceive and guide more students professionally in their everyday life. I do so in practice-oriented and competently designed advanced training courses.

Curriculum vitae

Degrees and Certifications

  • First and Second State Examination in art and German education for the teaching position at advanced high schools (German school system)
  • First and Second State Examination in art and German education for the teaching position at lower-/ intermediate level high schools (German school system)
  • Magistra Atrium majoring in art education and German literature
  • Specialist in Gifted Education – ECHA Certificate
  • Trained mBET-practitioner (mBET: Multi-Dimensional Giftedness-Development Tools)

Practical Experience

  • since 2012 Senior teacher at an integrated high school in Gruenberg with a focus on supporting gifted students as well as dyslexic students
  • since 1999 Teaching at an integrated high school in Gruenberg, Hesse. During this time, I studied and trained as a teacher for higher level high schools.
  • 1997-1999 Teacher trainee for teaching at lower-/ intermediate level high schools (Hesse), education at the seminary Wetzlar
  • since 2012 Keynote speaker on various topics at the teacher training college for advanced high school education in Giessen
  • since 2012 Creating a complex special education concept for special needs (dyslexia, giftedness) at an integrative high school. Associated with this concept, I draft and implement standardized aptitude diagnostics for the 5th grade.
  • Since 2002 Mentoring interns and teacher trainees in high schools as well as at the Justus-Liebig University Giessen