Frauke Niehues

Frauke Niehues

It is my intention to facilitate an easy and constructive way of handling giftedness. This goal springs from my own experiences. One of my children began studying law at the age of twelve. Back then, we were desperately looking for competent advice, but hardly found any. Our difficulties were not understood and the solutions we were provided with did not help. Therefore, I had to dive into this topic myself and find applicable solutions. Since then, this has turned into an extensive therapy and counselling concept.

While developing this concept, it was important to me to not just find solutions for the gifted, but also for their complete system with all its dynamics. In my experience, this approach is significantly more effective and sustainable than an individualistic approach. It is important to consider the needs and perspectives of all people affected and facilitate understanding among them. It is also necessary to not only provide general solutions, but to integrate the individuality of the gifted person and their environment.

Apart from my profession as a psychologist and licensed psychotherapist, the following backgrounds and experiences help me in developing my concept:

  • My own giftedness was discovered late. I found out about my own giftedness only through confronting this topic for the sake of my son. Prior to this, with a “gut feeling” and my psychological knowledge, I had developed many coping strategies for giftedness, which I had always thought to be general strategies for interpersonal encounters. Since giftedness had suddenly begun playing a very important role in my life, its effects and dynamics as well as the effects of prejudice and stigmatization became very clear.
  • There are normally gifted and highly gifted people in my family. This is very helpful to understand different perspectives and resulting conflicts.
  • My parents are teachers. This is why I’m able to understand the perspectives of school staff.
  • I was part of a kindergarten board and used to counsel and plan kindergartens for several years. This is why I am aware of their circumstances and possibilities.
  • I guide gifted people and their environment in several contexts and functions: as a therapist, mentor, or in personnel and organizational development. Therefore, I experience many facets of giftedness and need to differentiate solutions again and again. All my clients, mentees and coaches have contributed to this concept and some ideas were entirely theirs. I am very grateful for the trust I receive and the constructive collaboration!

I’m glad to provide my knowledge and experience and hope it will contribute to a successful approach and handling of high and maximum giftedness.

Curriculum vitae

Degrees and certifications

  • Licensed Psychologist – degrees in clinical psychology as well as industrial and organizational psychology (applied psychology), Justus-Liebig University Giessen (
  • Licensed psychotherapist with a major in behavior therapy  (
  • Two years of additional training in client-centered conversation and counselling techniques.
    Certified according to the guidelines of the Society for Scientific Client-Centered Therapy. (
  • Trainer of Emotional Competencies and TEK-Trainer-Trainer
    Certified by Prof. Dr. M. Berking (
  • Clinical hypnotherapist according to Milton Erickson and qualified MEG trainer (
  • Supervisor
    accredited by the Chamber of Psychotherapists Hesse (

Practical Experiences

  • since 2019 head of the MEG regional office Frankfurt-Gießen (together with Manfred Prior) (
  • since 2012: teaching activity, supervisions and consulting at universities and training institutes, e.g.:
    - Johann-Goethe-University Frankfurt
    - Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
    - Phillipps-University Marburg
    - Justus-Liebig-University Giessen
    - Psychological University of Berlin
    - Milton Erickson Society (MEG)
    - etc.
  • since 2012: various lecturing positions, e.g.:
    - Practice Symposium at the universities of Frankfurt, Marburg, Giessen and Mainz
    - Workshop Congress of the German Psychological Society (DGPs)
    - Congress of the Milton-Erickson-Society (MEG)
    - Congress of the German Society for Hypnosis (DGH)
    - Congress of the German Society for Behavioral Therapy (DGVT)
    - Annual Congress of the University Association NRW and the Chamber of Psychotherapists NRW
    - MinD Academy of the University Network MHN of the Giftedness Association Mensa 
    - DGHK Symposium (German Society of the Gifted Child)
    - Convention Mental Strengthening: sports hypnosis, self-hypnosis, mental training, coaching
    - etc.
  • since 2010: Owner of the company “Kompass” – Personnel and Organizational Development (
    - Concept development
    - Leadership and employee coaching
    - Group supervision
    - Teambuilding measures
    - Seminars and workshops
  • since 2007: Owner of a Psychotherapy and Counseling Practice (
  • 2006 – 2010 Niehues & Klein
    Kindergarten planner, trainer and consultant
  • 2004 - 2007 Board Member of “Takatukaland e.V.” (kindergarten)
    Responsible for leadership, conceptual development, strategy blueprints and conducting negotiations
  • since 2003: Conducting couple and individual therapies in an ambulatory practice
  • 2000 – 2002: Employee at the recovery center Bad-Orb:
    - Job analyses, conceptualizing and implementing precise measures to improve and reestablish employability
    - Leading groups and trainings (e.g. stress management, social competence training, communication training, health conscious behavior…)
    - Conducting couple and individual therapies, counseling family members (